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Taranis Tortina

Protein-free food that replaces a normal snack in a low-protein diet. Protein-free food indicated for the dietary management of subjects requiring a reduced intake of proteins and control over amino acids. In a low-protein diet it replaces a normal snack.
Protein-free plumcake.
Available in the variants:
– Lemon
– Pear
– Apricot

Food for special medical purposes.

Method of conservation
Keep in a cold and dry place. Consume immediately after opening the individual package.

240 g (6 plumcakes x 40 g, individually wrapped)

PARAF code
Lemon variant: 939462519
Pear variant: 930719885
Apricot variant: 930719897

Internal code
Lemon variant: TA40
Pear variant: TA63
Apricot variant: TA64

Nutrition table

Energy KJ 1562
Kcal 372
Fat g 15.2
of which saturated g 7.6
Carbohydrates g 58
of which sugars g 33.5
Fiber g 1,3
Proteins g 0.2
of which phenylalanine mg 5,5
of which Methionine mg 4,5
of which Leucine mg 12
of which Treonina mg 5,4
of which Isoleucina mg 5,2
of which Lysine mg 3
of which Valina mg 7,3
of which Cistina mg 3,6
of which Tyrosine mg 3.8
of which Arginine mg 7.5
Sale g 0.73
Sodium mg 290
Potassium mg 44
Chloride mg 140
Soccer mg 19
Phosphorus mg 160
Magnesium mg 4


To be used under medical supervision. Do not use as the sole power source. Do not administer to children and adults in good health or to children under 3 years old.