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Taranis Sostituto del formaggio a fette

Taranis protein-free food substitute for sliced cheese. Taranis substitute for sliced cheese is a protein-free food indicated for the dietary management of subjects suffering from Phenylketonuria and Hyperphenylalaninemia and in subjects requiring a reduced protein intake and amino acid control.

Food for special medical purposes.

Method of conservation
Store in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources. Once the package has been opened, store in the refrigerator in a hermetically sealed food container for a maximum of 15 days. Packaged in a protective atmosphere.

120 g (6 slices of 20 g)

PARAF code

Internal code

Nutrition table

Energy KJ 1015
Kcal 244
Fat g 15,4
of which saturated g 9.0
Carbohydrates g 22,6
of which sugars g 0.8
Proteins g 0,6
of which phenylalanine mg 11.4
of which Methionine mg 5,6
of which Leucine mg 21,6
of which Treonina mg 11.5
of which Isoleucina mg 11.5
of which Lysine mg 19,3
of which Valina mg 15,3
of which Cistina mg 3,9
of which Tyrosine mg 11.4
of which Arginine mg 15,6
Sale g 1,6
Mineral Salts
Sodium mg 650
Potassium mg 150
Chloride mg 910
Soccer mg 37,0
Phosphorus mg 10,0
Magnesium mg 4,5

Dosage and method of use

It can be used with protein-free, baked or grated bread. Even if used as a substitute for cheese it does not cover the daily needs of calcium.


Use under medical supervision. Not suitable for use as the sole power source. Not suitable for children and adults in good health or for children under 3 years old.