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Taranis Frollini

Protein-free food that replaces normal biscuits in a low-protein diet. Protein-free food indicated for the dietary management of subjects requiring a reduced intake of proteins and control over amino acids. Gluten free. In a low-protein diet it replaces normal biscuits.

Food for special medical purposes.

Method of conservation
Keep in a cold and dry place. To be consumed within 24 hours after opening the single package.

Net weight: 120 g (4 bags x 5 biscuits)

PARAF code

Internal code

Nutrition table

Energy KJ 2034
Kcal 484
Fat g 19,1
of which saturated g 9
Carbohydrates g 77,6
of which sugars g 14.9
Proteins g 0,5
of which phenylalanine mg 9.4
of which Methionine mg 4,5
of which Leucine mg 18,9
of which Treonina mg 5,5
of which Isoleucina mg 6.5
of which Lysine mg 5,1
of which Valina mg 9.1
of which Cistina mg <4
of which Tyrosine mg 5,3
of which Arginine mg 6.1
Sale g <0,03
Sodium mg 10
Potassium mg 13,8
Chloride mg <50
Soccer mg 14
Phosphorus mg 33
Magnesium mg 5,4


Use under medical supervision. Do not use as the sole power source. Not suitable for children and adults in good health, nor for children under 3 years of age.