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Taranis Cerecal Plus

Taranis Cerecal Plus is an instant protein-free and gluten-free preparation, which replaces preparations based on cereals. Suitable for children from 4 months onwards.

Food for special medical purposes. Aproteic

Method of conservation
Keep away from humidity and heat sources. Hermetically close the package with the lid after use. Once opened, use within 8 weeks.

400 g (can)

PARAF code
Vanilla variant: 939462610
Red Fruits Variant: 939462622

Internal code
Vanilla variant: TA44
Red Fruit Variant: TA45

Nutrition table

Energia KJ 1641
Kcal 386
Grassi g < 0,5
di cui saturi g 0,0
Carboidrati g 95,0
di cui zuccheri g 4,2
Fibre g < 0,5
Proteine g 0,2
di cui Fenilalanina mg < 4
di cui Metionina mg < 4
di cui Leucina mg 8,0
di cui Treonina mg < 4
di cui Isoleucina mg < 4
di cui Lisina mg < 4
di cui Valina mg < 4
di cui Cistina mg < 4
di cui Tirosina mg < 4
di cui Arginina mg < 4
Sale g 0,14
Sodio mg 56,8
Potassio mg 8,5
Cloruro mg < 50
Calcio mg 8,3
Fosforo mg 4,5
Magnesio mg 1,5

Dosage and method of use

1 heaped teaspoon = 2 g.
Baby bottle: put the quantity of Taranis Cerecal Plus established by the doctor in a bottle prepared with protein-free milk or water and shake well.
Plate: Pour Taranis Cerecal Plus Sprinkle on the hot liquid (protein-free milk or water) and mix.
Adding additional Taranis Cerecal Plus It is possible to make the preparation more consistent. It does not require cooking.


Must not be used as the sole power source. Use under medical supervision in case of a diet that requires a reduced protein intake. Do not administer to healthy children and adults.