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Taranis Burger

Taranis Burger is a powder preparation, to be reconstituted. To be used as a meat substitute, in diets that require a reduced content of proteins and amino acids.

Food for special medical purposes.

Method of conservation
Keep in a cold and dry place. After opening, consume within 2 weeks.

248 g (4 x 62 g)

PARAF code

Internal code

Nutrition table

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION For 100 g For 30 g (1 serving)
Energy KJ 1263 379
Kcal 302 91
Fat g 0.3 0,09
of which saturated g 0,1 0,03
Carbohydrates g 53,8 16,1
of which sugars g 80,0 15.2
Fiber g 37,7 11,3
of which Inulin g 19,1 5,7
Proteins g 2,1 0.63
of which phenylalanine mg 90 27
of which Methionine mg 50 15
of which Leucine mg 160 48
of which Treonina mg 70 21
of which Isoleucina mg 80 24
of which Lysine mg 70 21
of which Valina mg 110 33
of which Tyrosine mg 60 18
of which Arginine mg 140 42
Sale g 0.81 0.24
Sodium mg 323 96.9
Potassium mg 100 30
Soccer mg 29 8,7
Phosphorus mg 41 12,3
Chloride mg 900 270
Magnesium mg 9 2.7

Dosage and method of use

1 serving of 30 g, 1 or 2 times a week between 3 and 8 years; 3 or 4 times a week from 8 years onwards.
Pour the contents of a bag (62 g) into a container. Add 100ml of cold water and mix. Leave to rest for a few minutes. Form 2 meatballs or burgers with the help of a spoon or with your hands. Heat some oil in a pan and cook for 3 minutes on each side. The result is 2 80g meatballs or a 160g burger.
It is possible, using the procedure described above, to form meatballs to be served with tomato sauce on protein-free pasta. It is also possible to make sausages.


Must not be used as the sole power source. Use under medical supervision for nutritional needs in diets with reduced protein intake and control on amino acids. Do not administer to children and adults in good health or to children under 3 years of age.