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Harifen Saladitos Rosmarino

Mini savoury breadsticks with rosemary flavour


Food for special medical purposes

Manner of storage
Store in a cool, dry place.

Storage conditions

120g carton with 4 x 30g portions


PARAF code

Internal code

Nutrition table

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION For 100 g For 300 g (1 serving)
Energy KJ 2082 625
Kcal 458 149
Grassi g 25 7.5
of which saturated g 13 3,9
Carbohydrates g 67 20,1
of which sugars g 1,3 0.4
Fiber g 2,3 0.7
Proteins g 0.4 0,1
of which phenylalanine mg <0,1 <0,1
Sale g 2,5 0.8
Sodium mg 1000 300
Phosphorus mg 32,6 9,8
Potassium mg 14,6 4.4


Indicated for the dietary management of subjects who require a reduced intake of proteins and a control on the
amino acids. In a low-protein diet, they replace normal salty snacks or bread substitutes.


To be used under medical supervision. Do not use as the sole power source. In case of nephropathic diets pay attention to the quantity of salt.