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Antifen Arancia

AntiFen Arancia is a blend based on branched chain amino acids, valine, methionine, tryptophan, tyrosine and histidine, for the dietary treatment of subjects suffering from phenylketonuria secondary to phenylalanine-hydroxylase deficiency. The product should only be used in subjects with a confirmed diagnosis of PKU according to medical evaluation.

Food for special medical purposes.

Method of conservation
Store in a cool, dry place away from heat sources.

600 g (20 sachets x 30 g)

PARAF code

Internal code

Nutrition table

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION Per 100 g Per sachet (30 g)
Energy KJ 1533 460
Kcal 366 110
Fat g 0,9 0.27
of which saturated fatty acids g 0.85 0.25
Carbohydrates g 49.5 14.9
of which sugars g 38,25 11.47
Equivalent proteins g 33,3 10
Sale g 0.6 0,18
Total amino acids g 40 12
of which L – Phenylalanine mg 0 0
of which L – Valina g 5,7 1,71
of which L – Methionine g 5, 7 1,71
of which L – Isoleucina g 5,7 1,71
of which L – Leucine g 5,7 1,71
of which L – Phenylalanine g 5,7 1,71
of which L – Tyrosine g 5,7 1,71
of which L – Histidine g 5,7 1,71
of which L – Tryptophan g 5,8 1,74

Dosage and method of use

Place the contents of the bag on the bottom of a dry glass, add an amount of water equal to the weight of the powder introduced. Mix everything for 2-3 minutes with a teaspoon, until you get a creamy mass. Consume within a few minutes of preparation, for doses follow the doctor’s instructions.


It must be used under medical supervision. It is not intended as the sole power source. Do not administer to children under 3 years of age, nor to children and adults in good health.