The Quality Policy is defined by the Top Management through the document DIR_1202.

The Quality Policy is inspired by the VISION and, in line with the MISSION, is made possible with the strategic decision of adopting a Quality Management System (QMS), through which DMF aims to guarantee:

  • - Focus on customer and stakeholder satisfaction (ex. shareholders, collaborator, suppliers, partner, etc. – relevant to reach the company’s objectives) through the care of relationships with them and understanding their present and future needs with the objective of outperforming their expectations.
  • - Compliance with the mandatory requirements, in accordance with national and international regulations.
  • - Efficient use of resources, improving efficacy of all company’s processes, gradually bringing them to the maximum level of efficiency by digitalizing them.
  • - The achievement and maintenance over time of the ISO 9001:2015 certification through the constant application of Quality management principles.
  • - Continuous improvement of company’s performance in order to pursue ambitious objectives of growth, solidity and future prosperity and achieve Lasting success.
The top management of DMF commits to:

  • - Sustain and promote the Quality Management System aimed at continuous improvement and attaining excellence in business Performance to generate value for Customers and Stakeholders in line with the Vision.
  • - Share clear objectives, both at the strategic and at the operating level, regarding expected results.
  • - Share current Policy at all levels of the organization and with stakeholders (internal/external) though a visible exposure both in the Company and on the institutional website.

DMF Quality Management System has been designed, developed and will be regularly maintained to satisfy the principles indicated above which, together with the Vision, Mission and the corporate’s values, drives business strategies starting from the awareness that the improvement of Quality is a process that never ends.

The constant active contribution of the top management and the dedication of each resource to the achievement of corporate’s objectives are therefore decisive and result in the deep willingness to continuously improve the way to working, adding value to all carried out activities, enhancing the knowledge and experience acquired with the aim of solving critical issues anticipating their solutions.

With the operational support of Procedures and regular audit programs, the top management aims to continuously evaluate and improve Business Performance.